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留學通-自主海外留學申請為 學無界遊學 留學 海外實習 遠距課程 子網站, 提供最專業的自主留學申請資訊, 讓你不再道聽途說, 讓你自行選擇需要的服務, 並由專業顧問引導你一步一步走向錄取名校的道路!

About Study Without Boundary (For foreign business partners)

We are aiming to provide high quality counseling services for clients who wants to acquire professional training/courses overseas. The training/courses included but not limited to  are Information Technology, Art and Design, Management, Cooking, Film making, and etc. Rather than getting a bachelor or master degree, we’re aiming on clients who put more focus on professional knowledge and practical experience. We franchise overseas education programs and analyze clients’ need to suggest suitable courses for them. We will also help our clients about registering the course, Visa process, travel arrangement, local accommodation. Besides, we also provide open course (free online course) information on our company’s website for those who want to acquire knowledge online anywhere, anytime. That is the whole idea of our company who can help our clients to study without physical boundary.

As our business partners, we GUARANTEE that we will do our best to deliver the most correct information to your prospective clients. We check the needs of the clients and recommend the most suitable education service to them. As a matter of fact, the clients we sent have more than 99% satisfaction rate as we clearly let them realize what they will face when abroad. They know what they can and can not do. In this way, we can diminish your efforts when the clients arrive. You can save a lot of time deal with our clients. Clients’ satisfaction is our primary concern and we hope our business partners believe this trait as well. We set very high ethical standards to ourselves and expecting our business partners also respect this value.

We will not guarantee amount of students to you, nor guarantee solely promote one of our business partners. But we will guarantee to provide the best match between customers and the education products they get. To us, every partner is equally important. And every product is equally good to us. It’s only a matter of suitable or not.

If you believe what we believe, that makes a good partnership.



現在網路的世界已經沒有地域之分,這也是學無界的英文名稱-Study Without Boundary的由來,不僅僅是學習沒有地域之分(網路上有太多的網路學習資源,學無界的網站也都會為同學們持續的更新精選內容),就連代辦也沒有地域與時間的限制。透過學無界網路代辦的學員遍及世界各地,我們利用網路的即時性和低成本,免去了傳統代辦必須親自到現場與顧問諮詢的舊時代方式。我們用LINE、微信、Skype各種聯絡方式,讓學生可以即時的與我們聯繫,隨時取得第一手的訊息。






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